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  • Founded in March 2014 by 3 experts in fixed / mobile wireless communications and all related services and applications
  • Steven Gailliaert: 23 years telecommunications experience in setting up mobile-, fixed- and wireless broadband networks across Europe, senior consultancy on strategic and financial modeling, technical network architecture, vendor selection, vendor and service provider contract negotiations, ...
  • Lieven De Bontridder: 22 years experience in radio telecommunications technology, LAN/WAN network design & security, VPN solutions, data throughput and signal analysis, is owner of several telecommunication patents, …
  • Frederick Eyland: 15 years experience in software application design (including “apps”), dynamic workflow systems, multi-vendor and open API's, "master" databases, automated control systems and domotics, streaming, movie making/production software, …

Our mission

  • To be at the forefront of new technologies through academic training, self learning and smart partnering
  • Develop and provide innovative solutions enabling fast, secure, reliable and cost efficient connectivity and visibility
  • To deliver end to end visibility, management, control and configuration via our unique application workflow database systems
  • To provide world class support and managed services


Flow Tech offers a unique combination of senior expertise in the domains of Mobile-, Wifi- and other Broadband Networks:

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